We take fun seriously

Tallink is the leading cruise operator on the Baltic Sea. One of their products is 22 hour-long cruise. It’s developed for fun.

For the product we came up with a concept called Entertainment Anemia.

Its insight is following: At Tallink we take fun seriously. When you party, you’re happy. When you’re happy, you are a healthy person: you have energy to do things and your mind is cheerful. Fun is as important as exercising or a healthy diet.

From this insight we’ve made films, prints, radios, online – and a Complaint Booth.

Because one thing the Finnish people love is complaining about everyday stuff; the weather, politics, taxes, work. We wanted to turn all this negative energy into something good. Since a 22-hour party cruise on a Tallink ship is the best cure for a bad mood, we decided to give people a chance to exchange their worries for a cruise. The Tallink Complaints Booth was born.

We refurbished an old phone booth and placed it smack in the middle of the capital, Helsinki. In the booth and online, people could complain about what was bothering them. A live operator listened to their worries and if their load was heavy enough, awarded people with a free cruise.

Vuoden Huiput – Best Finnish creative Design
Grand One – Best Finnish digital design

Case study


Complaint Booth case study