Jussi Pekkala

Jussi Pekkala
Creative Director, Senior Copywriter

Hi. I’m Jussi. As the name drops a hint, I’m a Finn. To be frank, the name Jussi is a pretty typical name here in Finland. Now the question is: what differentiates me from all the other 24 861 Jussis in this country? Let me try to explain.

I love the smell of freshly cut grass and hate tomatoes to start with. I eat with my left hand and write with my right one. Maybe I was left-hander an in my previous life and now a right-hander. Who knows?

In my profession, I believe in a thought called “Applied creativity’. It means creative problem solving by associating familiar things with each other. And all of a sudden, the outcome is something unfamiliar. Something new, something unseen. Something that makes people curious, smile, hate, love, cry, feel.

If you now wonder, whether I’m a specialist in certain media, the answer is no. I’m specialist in creativity and especially in words, because I’m great in words. In the end, the words are the soul of a company, of a brand.

I believe that kind of “media specific” professionalism is outdated. It makes you sloppy and in the long run, you start to copy yourself. You do, as it feels easy for you. More difficult, challenging – and satisfying – is to try to get along media agnostically. The world is in constant change, so should every creative be as well. If you ask me.

That’s me and my thoughts in about 200 words. Hopefully, I think a little bit different (in a good way) then all the other 24 861 Jussis.

– Jussi

Current employers

Apple, Creative Director

Bob the Robot, Senior Copywriter

Bob the Robot is an award-winning creative agency based in Helsinki, Finland. From integrated campaigns to business design, the core of our work is always result-driven creativity. We give you an edge by always seeking for the unpredicted.


Previous employer

hasan & partners

hasan & partners is 1991 established marketing communications agency with over 100 people from 10 different countries, based in Helsinki and Stockholm. h&p is one of the most awarded and well-known agencies in Northern Europe.



2020– to date / Creative Director, Apple (part-time)

2019– to date / Senior Copywriter, Bob the Robot

2013–2019 / Creative,  hasan & partners

2010–2013 / Copywriter,  Bob Helsinki

2009–2010 / Junior Copywriter, Zeeland


Apple, Valio, Mehiläinen, Hartwall, Tupla, DNA, Tallink, Silja, Sanoma (B2B), Karhu, Fazer, Sokos Hotels, HBL, Saunalahti, Aku Ankka, ABB


Vuoden Huiput 2021 / Digibaari / Silver

Grand One 2017 / Social media presence / Gold / Karhu Facebook

Kultajyvä / 2 x Hopeajyvä / Karhu & Sanoma

Grand One 2016 / Digital Outdoor / Gold / Tallink “Complaints Booth”

Grand One 2016 / Digital Outdoor / Silver / DNA “Alpine Experience”

Vuoden Huiput 2016 / Integrated / Silver / Tallink “Complaints Booth”

Eurobest Young Creatives 2014 / Representing Finland in the international final

Cannes Young Lions Finland 2014 / Shortlisted in Film

Vuoden Huiput 2014 / Radio / Honorable mention / Honda “Honda man”

Vuoden Huiput 2013 / Integrated / Silver / DNA “Christmas Wish”

Grand One 2013 / Integrated / Gold / DNA “Christmas Wish”

Vuoden Huiput 2012 / Radio / Silver / Karhu “Radio Plays”

Vuoden Huiput 2011 / Radio / Honorable mention  / Sexhibition “Sports”


BBA, HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences


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