Jussi Pekkala

Jussi Pekkala
Creative Director

As the name drops a hint, I’m a Finn. Frankly, the name Jussi is a pretty typical name here in Finland. Now the question is: what differentiates me from all the other 24 861 Jussis in this country? Let me try to explain.

I love the smell of freshly cut grass and hate tomatoes to start with. I eat with my left hand and write with my right one (maybe I was a left-hander an in my previous life and now a right-hander, don’t actually know).

In my profession, I believe in a thought called ‘Applied creativity’. It means creative problem solving by associating familiar things with each other. And all of a sudden, the outcome is something unfamiliar. Something new, something unseen. Something that makes people curious, smile, hate, love, cry, feel.

If you now wonder, whether I’m a specialist in certain media, the answer is no. I’m a specialist in creativity and especially in words because I’m great in words. In the end, the words are the soul of a company, of a brand.

I believe that kind of media-specific professionalism is outdated. It makes you sloppy and in the long run, you start to copy yourself. You do, as it feels easy for you. More difficult, challenging – and satisfying – is to try to get along with media agnostically. The world is in constant change, so should every creative be as well.

– Jussi

Current employers

Apple, Creative Director

Bob the Robot/NoA, Creative Director

Bob the Robot (part of NoA) is an award-winning creative agency based in Helsinki, Finland. From integrated campaigns to business design, the core of our work is always result-driven creativity. We give you an edge by always seeking for the unpredicted.


Previous employer

hasan & partners

hasan & partners is 1991 established marketing communications agency with over 100 people from 10 different countries, based in Helsinki. h&p is one of the most awarded and well-known agencies in Northern Europe.



2020– to date / Creative Director, Apple (part-time)

2019– to date / Creative Director, Bob the Robot

2013–2019 / Creative,  hasan & partners

2010–2013 / Copywriter,  Bob Helsinki

2009–2010 / Junior Copywriter, Zeeland


Apple, Valio, Mehiläinen, LähiTapiola, Hartwall, Tupla, DNA, Tallink, Silja, Sanoma (B2B), Karhu, Fazer, Sokos Hotels, HBL, Saunalahti, Aku Ankka, ABB


Vuoden Huiput 2022 / Mehiläinen – Mielten Vuoro / Silver

Vuoden Huiput 2021 / Digibaari / Silver

Grand One 2017 / Social media presence / Gold / Karhu Facebook

Kultajyvä / 2 x Hopeajyvä / Karhu & Sanoma

Grand One 2016 / Digital Outdoor / Gold / Tallink “Complaints Booth”

Grand One 2016 / Digital Outdoor / Silver / DNA “Alpine Experience”

Vuoden Huiput 2016 / Integrated / Silver / Tallink “Complaints Booth”

Eurobest Young Creatives 2014 / Representing Finland in the international final

Cannes Young Lions Finland 2014 / Shortlisted in Film

Vuoden Huiput 2014 / Radio / Honorable mention / Honda “Honda man”

Vuoden Huiput 2013 / Integrated / Silver / DNA “Christmas Wish”

Grand One 2013 / Integrated / Gold / DNA “Christmas Wish”

Vuoden Huiput 2012 / Radio / Silver / Karhu “Radio Plays”

Vuoden Huiput 2011 / Radio / Honorable mention  / Sexhibition “Sports”


BBA, HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences


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